6 Tips to Last Longer in Bed with Your Life Partner
6 Tips to Last Longer In Bed

6 Tips to Last Longer In Bed

You might not be able to keep up with your partner in the bedroom, and it's probably frustrating as hell. They're quick, have rhythm, and know exactly what they want - you don't! With so many frustrations, it can be easy to give up on your love life. However, when you think about it, there are ways to improve your love life. Try these tips to last longer in bed, enjoy more pleasant nights, and get the romantic attention you crave.


1) Perform Pelvic exercises:

In order to extend your time in bed, doctors advise you to train your pelvic floor muscles. Having weak pelvic floor muscles makes managing premature ejaculation much more difficult. The pelvic floor muscles can help you control when you climax during lovemaking. 


2) Acquire mastery of the Edging Method:

A great way to stay in bed with a partner longer is to use the 'start-stop approach,' also called the edging method. It is overstimulation that ultimately causes you to cum prematurely. Edging can help you retrace your steps quickly back to your starting point when the climax feels near. Many men are unaware they can prevent orgasm while they are close to climaxing. However, early detection is crucial.


3) Get your hands on the squeeze technique:

People who experience premature ejaculation can also benefit from the squeeze technique. This can be a helpful alternative when the stop-start method does not work. The squeeze technique may be your best bet if you find that stopping stimulation is not sufficient to prevent orgasm. If you master it, you won't have to worry about how to Last Longer in Bed ever again.


4) Work on reducing performance anxiety:

It is common for people to have some desires from you when you are giving a performance. This leads to a sense of not wanting to disappoint anyone. Anxiety about performance holds true in the bedroom as well. Anxiety may arise from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, especially if you have had a previous unpleasant experience. The stress associated with intercourse may negatively affect your mental health. Your contact performance anxiety will be amplified to a greater extent if you don't proactively work on keeping yourself calm and relaxed.


5) Masturbation before intercourse is recommended:

As the amount of time passes between orgasms, the intensity of those cravings increases in men. This makes delaying ejaculation more challenging. Males often find it beneficial to masturbate and climax before having connection. Therefore, you will be able to stay in bed for a longer period of time since you will have less intercourse arousal and desire.


6) Try natural supplements:

Many people have seen the benefits of taking natural performance enhancement supplements and have been surprised at how effective they can be. A supplement is something that you consume in addition to your regular diet. It is not a replacement for eating healthy, but it can help to support certain aspects of your health.



It is important to understand the interrelationship between these strategies. You can also try approaching a sex therapist, applying the pre-ejaculation spray, and other viable methods. Your success depends on how many approaches you use to last longer in bed.