Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Ayurveda by Jamun


Premature Ejaculation or PE is defined as a condition in which ejaculation takes place either before or immediately after penetration during love activity. It is caused by excessive anxiety, depression, stress & lack of sleep, fear of performance & physical condition. PE affects on average 40% of men worldwide. PE is a psychosomatic disturbance due to a psychologically overanxious personality & physical causes and it is classified in to primary (lifelong) or secondary (acquired).

Ayurvedic management of premature ejaculation consists of various herbal and herbo-mineral formulations, external applications over lower abdomen or all over the body, wearing different amulets made by herbs, psychotropic herbal drugs for reducing performance anxiety, various techniques elaborated in ancient Indian erotic literature to fasten the orgasm in female partner and also use of Shukra Stambhaka drugs to improve control over ejaculation.


Types of PE as per AYURVEDA:

‘Kshipram Munchati’

‘Shukrasya Sheeghram Utsargam’,

‘Pravritti/Atiseeghra Pravritti’


They are the classical features of ‘Shukragata Vata’ which denotes early/fast ejaculation/ PE. Ayurvedic line of treatment for early ejaculation/Sukragatavata should consists of Vrishya (aphrodisiacs), Balya (tonics), Vatahara (drugs/procedures which pacifies Vata Dosha), Medhya (psychotropic drugs) and Sukrastambhaka (drugs helpful in delaying ejaculation) properties.

SOURCE International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

eISSN: 2381-1803


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