How Heals the Human Body Naturally with Ayurveda
How Ayurveda Heals the Human Body Naturally? - Researched by Dr. Ajayita?

How Ayurveda Heals the Human Body Naturally? - Researched by Dr. Ajayita?

Indians have been relying on traditional Ayurvedic medical practices to treat various diseases from stomach problems to infertility for generations. Fortunately, Ayurveda has experienced significant global recognition in recent years and is known as a complementary and alternative health treatment.

What is the underlying objective and motto of Ayurvedic medicine? All Ayurvedic medicines are made with the main purpose of helping people to live a long, happy, and healthy life. No one should rely on prescription medications, difficult procedures, or discomfort from unpleasant conditions.

In fact, the Sanskrit meaning of the word ‘ayurveda’ is similar to ‘life span built on knowledge’ or ‘science of life.’

The Essence Of Ayurveda

Each person has a unique dosha or constitution. The three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each represent a different type of elemental energy and control different body processes. Ayurveda says that when these doshas are out of balance, they can cause illness and pain. In this write-up, we’ll talk about three-four major problems that people nowadays face a lot and how Ayurveda is successful in treating them.

Healing with I-Red Oil

Physical intercourse plays a very important role in one’s marriage and relationship. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation issues, I Red oil is the outcome of premature ejaculation treatment in Ayurveda. I Red Oil is made naturally and it has gained popularity for its therapeutic properties. This oil is made by mixing different natural products and ingredients, like herbs, plants, and oils. This oil offers several benefits to the human body. It offers several notable advantages such as increased bed timing, maximum size and hardness thereby treating erectile dysfunction problems. Also, it helps boost the desire for love in both males and females. 

Increase Vigor & Vitality with I Red Combo

 Are you looking for the best, non-toxic way to increase your vigour and vitality? One of the well-known issues is men who lack sex drive and physical stamina. Relationship conflicts, misunderstandings, and stress are all possible outcomes. Natural herbs and organic elements such as Shilajit, Ashwagandha,  Kesar, Swarna Bhasma, Gold, Safet Muesli, etc. are included in the I Red Combo that offers. This combo consists of I Red Power Oil and I Red Power Powder and these products are quite effective in resolving nightfall issues, premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction, and improving vigour and vitality. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Ayurveda states that at the start of physical mating, Vata and Pitta Dosha aggravation causes premature ejaculation. Anxiety before sexual activity can worsen these doshas. Vata is quick and touch-sensitive which speeds ejaculation. Pitta thins semen, promoting early ejaculation. Second, these aggravated doshas cause male organ muscle hyperactivity, which increases vibration sensitivity and early ejaculation.

Herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Safed Musli, are known for their rejuvenating properties. Dr. Ajayita recommends I Red Oil to people who are suffering from this problem. Applying it externally to the genital areas helps in improving blood circulation, reducing hypersensitivity, and enhancing stamina. The combined approach of internal and external remedies can promote long-term healing and restore sexual vitality.

Ayurvedic Treating the Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is also known as male impotency. It is a sexual disorder characterized by a male's inability to maintain or withhold an erection during sexual intercourse. Nowadays it is a common problem, affecting nearly 40% of the male population, and many men over the age of 40 are generally affected.  It can be caused by diabetes or high blood pressure medicines, or by anxiety about having sexual relations. relations.

Ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction has successfully treated this issue in several patients. It first evaluates the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of the patient and then treats them accordingly. The treatment improves blood circulation, boosts libido, and strengthens the reproductive system. Ayurvedic medicine like I Red oil which contains herbs such as Ashwagandha, Shilajit, and Gokshura can heal this problem naturally. These herbs increase testosterone levels, improve sexual desire, and enhance overall sexual routine.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Increasing Sexual Stamina

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two sexual illnesses that can embarrass a person and interfere with their intimate relationships. Your stamina refers to your capacity to carry out an activity for a long time without becoming exhausted. The duration of an orgasm during sex is the definition of stamina, which is also known as sexual stamina. I Red Shilajit is also known as testosterone booster which helps in increasing stamina and strength and also improves semen quality.


Dr. Ajayita is an experienced Ayurvedic doctor and has been working on sexual disorders medicine for years. If you are looking for premature ejaculation treatment in Ayurveda or some effective Ayurvedic medicine for erectile dysfunction, I Red oil is the solution. This single product can treat different sexual problems and can help you maintain a happy married life. For further queries, you can contact us anytime and place your orders online.