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Clinical Studies

clinical study
Read about the clinical & scientific research studies conducted across the world on the Ayurvedic ingredients that we use which conclusively prove the effectiveness of our products.

1. A Clinical Study of a Polyherbal Compound in the Management of male Sexual Dysfunction

The objective of this study was to establish and reassess the effect of “AVS Vajikaran” in the management of Klaibya (Male sexual dysfunction). It was found that Sexual potency was increased by AVS Vajikaran by physiological and psychological changes. The selected formulation counteracts the aggravated Vata in Erectile Dysfunction, clears the sukravahaSrotadusti and improves sexual arousal and it is also very useful in psychogenic erectile dysfunction and thus can be used as a good remedy in treating the disease.

2. Clinical Evaluation of Aphrodisiac Activity of a novel Ayurvedic Formulation for Treatment of Male Sexual Disorders

Sida cordifolia Linn. and Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. have been mentioned in Ayurvedic texts for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and sexual properties. After finding good results in treatment of male sexual disorders during pre-clinical studies, this clinical trial was taken up to assess the spermatogenesis action of aqueous extract of roots of these two plants.

3. A Pilot Study on Evaluation of Standardized Ayurveda formulation Ashwagandhadi lehya as Aphrodisiac and in treatment of Oligospermia

The studies were aimed to evaluate Ashwagandhadi lehya, clinicially, as aphrodisiac and in treatment of Oligospermia. It was concluded from the studies that, AL could increase sperm concentration and percentage of normal sperms in semen sample of oligospermic patients, due to its ability to improve serum testosterone concentration.

4. Male Sexual Disorders - an Ayurvedic Treatment

Very high effectiveness was noticed in respect of primary symptoms such as lack of libido, difficulty in ejaculation or little amount of semen, as well as secondary symptoms such as nausea, body ache, headache, indigestion, loss of appetite and general weakness in the research group.

5. A Comparative Study on Aphrodisiac Activity of Some Ayurvedic Herbs in Male Albino Rats

The Ayurvedic herbs are very popular for their aphrodisiac and immunostimulatory properties. The herbs have been traditionally used as Vajikaran Rasayana herbs because of their putative positive influence on sexual performance in humans. Very encouraging results were observed in this clinical study to augment the existing knowledge.

6. Lipid Peroxidation as Index of Activity in Aphrodisiac Herbs

ROS are important mediators of sperm function. Production of malondialdehyde (MDA), an end product of LPO, has been reported in spermatozoa. Ethnobotanical survey revealed [Anthocleista djalonensis A.Chev (Loganiaceae), Carpolobia lutea G. Don (Polygalaceae), Cassia sieberiana DC (Leguminosae), Chasmanthera dependens Hochst (Menispermaceae), Cissus populnea Guill and Perr (Vitaceae), Cnestis ferruginea DC (Connaraceae), Dioscorea cayenensis Lam.

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