I-Run oil

iFit Pain relief Oil

Say goodbye to joint pains!

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Essential Oil for Long term Pain relief & Stiffness in Joints, Muscles & Tendons, Enhancing Flexibility & Fitness of Ligaments, Rejuvenation of Skin in the Application Area

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I-Run Ingredients

Saindhava, Sauvarchala, Samudra, Sugandhbala, Daruhaldi, Tezpatra, Punnarwamool, Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Chhoti Elaichi, Arnimool, Prasarini, Chitrak Root, Bhallatak, Rasna, Soya Beej, Kali Mirch, Pippalamool, Devdaru, Kooth, Sonth, Vid Lavan, Cow Milk, Curd etc, processed in Til Tailam.


Muscular pains, stiff joints, lower back ache, knee pain, frozen shoulder.

How It Works

The rare herbs used in I-Run oil increase local blood and lymphatic circulation and thereby improving local tissue metabolism. It reduces inflammation by modifying secretion of various inflammatory mediators, relaxes local musculature by physical effect of heat, increases the rate of transdermal drug delivery and thereby reduces pain. These herbs are Ushna, Tikshna in nature and due to their counter irritant effect, helps in relieving pain.
The active agents Piperine (in Pippali), Terpenoids (in Chavya), Gingerol (in Shunthi), Tannins and Saponins (in Yava), inhibit prostaglandins acting as a vasodilators, which, in turn, reduce the inflammation.

How to Use

Take 5 to 10 ml of I-Run oil, lukewarm it and gently massage on the affected area, cover area and keep it warm. Apply twice a day for best results.