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Oil for Thinning Hair

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My Ultimate Collection of Pure Ayurveda Hair Oils with 40+ Top Quality Herbs

Promotes Hair Growth
Stops Hair Thinning & Hair Loss
Tough Dandruff
Premature Greying

How I-Wonder works for you

Stops Thinning of Hair

Alsi, Methi, Hibiscus flower, Bhallatak, Dalchini, Jaipal, Jaiphal, Laung, Timber

Fights Dandruff & Itchy Scalp

Bakuchi,Manjitha , Red Chandan, Onion Ras, Neem Leaves, Nimbu Ras etc which fight against the toughest of dandruffs.

Prevents Pre-Mature Greying

Mehndi Leaves, Bhringraj, Trifla, Amla & Loh Bhasma, Swaran Garik, Ratanjot, Beetroot, Kalonji, Loh Bhasma , Chameli Oil

Promoting Hair Growth

Padmakasth, Kamal, Haldi, Daru Haldi, Mulethi, Jatamansi Roots, Brahmi,Kachur

The base oil used is 100% Natural & Organic Sesame (Til) Oil
Oldest & Best oil ever used & recommended in Ayurveda

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How to Use

Mix 15 ml (1 tablespoon or 3 teaspoons) I-Wonder hair oil (big bottle) with 4-5 drops of i-Wonder Mini (small bottle) & massage it gently in to the scalp. Leave it on for 2 hours & then wash it with mild shampoo/soap.

Repeat this cycle every alternate day.

A little extra hairfall may be noticed on first or second application. Don't worry, it is perfectly normal & expected. Please continue using without any hesitation.

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Oil for Thinning Hair

Oil for Thinning Hair, Hair Fall, Dandruff & Premature Greying


1999 1499

I-Red Combo (60 Days)

Recommended 60 Days Course

Power Combo for Vigour & Vitality


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