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iRed Shilajit Resin

Unlock Stamina – Destroyer of Weakness

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100% Pure Shilajit Resin

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iRed Shilajit

Purest form of Shilajit as resin. Guaranteed to be 100% pure & of best quality.

Shilajit boosts health and thus stamina!

It’s not just about love & chemistry – a key ingredient is Stamina.

Sourced from ranges over 18000 ft high in the Himalayas – the raw ‘herbs’ are purified using a Triphla decoction process by a process called “Shodhana” making it absolutely safe, purely herbal with no chemicals or known side effects.

Shilajit is a known Testosterone booster. Testosterone is the male hormone that is made in the testicles. Testosterone hormone levels are important in normal male development and functions.

1. Boosts Strength & Stamina – Rejuvenates each cell of your body.

2. Increases work out endurance.

3. Helps in bodybuilding, muscle strength & thus performance in the gym.

4. It has more than 60% Fulvic acid – which makes it a very powerful energy adaptor. Fulvic acid is scientifically proven to stimulate blood circulation. This helps overcome chronic tiredness, muscle fatigue & lethargy and tiredness.

5. Helps relieve shortness of breath with oxygen boost and helps repair muscle soreness.

6. Shilajit naturally has 80 plus other trace minerals like Potassium, Magnesium to etc.

1. Promotes Testosterone levels.

2. Improves muscle mass.

3. Fights excessive fatigue.

4. Combats obesity.

5. Increases vigour & vitality.

Resin: 300 mg (pea or mattar sized ball) with milk/green tea, twice a day after meals.

Yes, the products are approved by Ayush & also they are researched & formulated by Dr. Ajayita herself, a gold medalist doctor with over 22 years of clinical experience.

Yes, you can book appointment with Dr. Ajayita by having a chat with the customer care team on this website.

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 Dr Ajayita

I bring you products that I have researched & perfected in my clinic over the past 23+ years.
All these products are based on Pure Ancient Ayurvedic texts researched & written by our Rishis.

Dr. Ajayita

Economic Times Punjab Icon of 2022

BAMS, Gold Medalist HP University, Shimla

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